EU RARE-kkut nalunaarusiaat.

Nunatta namminiilivinnissamini pisariaqartippaa periarfissarititaasut tamaasa isumatusaartumik atorluassallugit – aamma qaqqatsinni pinngoqqaatit qaqutigoortut atorluartariaqarput. Taamaammat una EU-mit nalunaarusiaq assut soqutiginarpoq – ilisimasariaqarlunilu.

Extended abstract

This market report, which is a result of the EURARE project, maps and contextualizes those industrial activities within the EU that are based on producing or consuming rare earth elements (REE). The objective of the report is to provide the context within which the products of EURARE-funded research are to be considered, and to develop a market forecast for the European REE-industry…”

Aajuna nalunaarusiaq tamakkiisoq: 07-04-2017-road-map-for-ree-material-supply-autonomy-in-europe

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