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Avammut tunisat 2016-imi 35,7 pct.-imik qaffariartut


CEO and Founder of Greenland Invest, 4x former Cabinet Minister, former Member of Parliament and former Mayor of Southgreenland, Kommune Kujalleq. I am proud to be the father for our four children, three boys and one girl. I am proud to have a beautiful and intelligent wife, who is an inspiration to me every single day. I am also proud to be a Greenlander, proud to be part of our endeavours to become an independent nation state. My passion is to be part of making this country a better place for our children and their children, to be part of our nation building process. A passion to make a difference, a positive difference. To be loyal to my people and to our country - in whatever I am part of, and To do - whatever I do - from the heart...

“2016-imi avammut tunisanit isertitat 3.718 mio. kr.- iusimapput. Tamanna ukiup siulianut sanilliullugu 979 mio. kr.-inik qaffariarneruvoq, tassalu 35,7 pct.-iulluni. Avammut tunisat nalingata qaffariarneranut pissutaanerpaavoq Kinguppaat Qalerallillu avammut tunisat nalingisa annertuseriarsimanerat, taakkua ukiup siulianut sanilliullugit 404 mio. kr.-inik aammalu 318 mio. kr.-inik qaffariarsimammata.

Nioqqutissanik eqqussuinermut aningaasartuutit 2016-imi 4.192 mio. kr.-iusimapput. Tamanna ukiup siulianut sanilliullugu 295 mio. kr.-inik appariarneruvoq, pct.-inngorlugu -6,6 -iulluni. Appariarnermut pissutaanerpaavoq Mineralit ikummatissallu avataaneersut annikillisimaneri, 2015-miit 699 mio. kr.-iniit 2016-imut 399 mio. kr.-nut appariarmata. Annikilleriaat 300 mio. kr.-iuvoq pct.-inngorlugu -42,9 pct.-iulluni.

Takussutissiaq 1. Oqimaaqatigiissut 2012-2016

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  1.000 kr.
Niuernermi oqimaaqatigiissut …… -2.213.198 -2.319.555 -1.727.069 -1.748.239 -474.627
Eqqussuineq …….. 4.995.811 5.361.225 4.866.739 4.487.040 4.192.412
Nunanut allanut tunisineq 2.782.612 3.041.671 3.139.671 2.738.800 3.717.785
Najoqqutaq: http://bank.stat.gl/IENBALMND

Niuernermi oqimaaqatigiissut taamaalilluni 2016-imi -475 mio. kr.-inik amigartoorfiuvoq, tamanna ukiup siulianut sanilliullugu niuernermi oqimaaqatigiissut 1.274 mio. kr.-inik pitsanngoriarfiuvoq.”

Naatsorsueqqissaartarfiup nalunaarutaa tamakkiisoq uani atuarneqarsinnaavoq:
http://www.stat.gl/publ/kl/IE/201702/pdf/Udenrigshandel 2016.pdf

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