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29. November, 2023

Challenges Facing State Constitutions in the Twenty-First Century


CEO and Founder of Greenland Invest, 4x former Cabinet Minister, former Member of Parliament and former Mayor of Southgreenland, Kommune Kujalleq. I am proud to be the father for our four children, three boys and one girl. I am proud to have a beautiful and intelligent wife, who is an inspiration to me every single day. I am also proud to be a Greenlander, proud to be part of our endeavours to become an independent nation state. My passion is to be part of making this country a better place for our children and their children, to be part of our nation building process. A passion to make a difference, a positive difference. To be loyal to my people and to our country - in whatever I am part of, and To do - whatever I do - from the heart...

By: Ann Lousin*

Since 1776, each state in the federal union has had its own constitution. At the cusp of the twenty-first century and after two hundred and twenty-five years, we should ask what the role of the state constitution is, will and ought to be in the next one hundred years. The answers to these questions emerge by addressing the current social, political and economic changes that confront state constitutions. Awareness of our changing environment will help serve as a guide to drafters of future constitutions and help broaden the scope of their constitutions in order to meet the changes underway in their states…

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* Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL., Research assistant at The Sixth Illinois Constitutional Convention in 1970. The author wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the memory of two giants in Illinois constitution-making, Professor Rubin G. Cohn and Samuel W. Witwer, Esquire, who really knew what a state constitution should do.

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