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3. December, 2021

Namminersorneq pillugu Isumalioqatigiissitat isumaliutissiissutaat


CEO and Founder of Greenland Invest, 4x former Cabinet Minister, former Member of Parliament and former Mayor of Southgreenland, Kommune Kujalleq. I am proud to be the father for our four children, three boys and one girl. I am proud to have a beautiful and intelligent wife, who is an inspiration to me every single day. I am also proud to be a Greenlander, proud to be part of our endeavours to become an independent nation state. My passion is to be part of making this country a better place for our children and their children, to be part of our nation building process. A passion to make a difference, a positive difference. To be loyal to my people and to our country - in whatever I am part of, and To do - whatever I do - from the heart...

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Nunatsinni Namminersorneq pillugu isumalioqatigiissitap nalunaarusiaa, Inatsisartut tamarmiullutik taamani 2003-mi katersuuffigalugu isumaqatigiissutigisaat: Namminersorneq pillugu Isumalioqatigiissitap nalunaarutaa

Qallunaatoortaa aajuna: Selvstyrekommissionens betænkning

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