Constitution of Cook Islands Tunngaviusumik inatsit Cook Islands-ini

“The Constitution of the Cook Islands took effect on August 4, 1965, when the Cook Islands became a self-governing territory in free association with New Zealand. The anniversary of these events in 1965 is commemorated annually on Constitution Day, with week long activities known as Te Maeva Nui Celebrations locally….”

Associated state
• Self-government in free association with New Zealand
4 August 1965
• UN recognition of independence in foreign relations

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Tunngaviusumik inatsit uani atuarneqarsinnaavoq: Cook Islands Constitution

Constitution of Marshall Islands Tunngaviusumik inatsit Marshall Islands-ini

“Politically, the Marshall Islands is a presidential republic in free association with the United States, with the US providing defense, subsidies, and access to U.S. based agencies such as the FCC and the USPS. With few natural resources, the islands’ wealth is based on a service economy, as well as some fishing and agriculture; aid from the United States represents a large percentage of the islands’ gross domestic product…”

• Self-government
October 21, 1986

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Here is the contitution:
Aajuna tunngaviusumik inatsisaat:  Marshall_Islands_1995

Constitution of Iceland Tunngaviusumik inatsit Islandimi

The Icelandic independence movement according to Wikipedia:
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Aajuna tuluttut: constitution_of_iceland

What It Takes to Truly Be ‘One of Us’…

“In U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, publics say language matters more to national identity than birthplace…”

“What defines a Nation’s identity?”  Read the entire report from Pew Research Center:
Nalunaarusiaq tamakkiisoq uani atuarneqarsinnaavoq:

Forfatningskommissionen er etableret. Constitutional Commission established.

Da Inatsisartut og Naalakkersuisut har besluttet, at der udarbejdes en forfatning for Grønland, nedsættes en forfatningskommission. Grundstøbningen af Grønlands mest grundlæggende lov er nu startet. Det bliver første gang Grønland skal gennemgå en demokratisk forfatningsproces, hvor folket tages med på råd.  

Forfatningskommissionen sammensættes ud fra et ønske om at skabe en politisk bredt repræsenteret kommission. Forfatningskommissionen består af syv medlemmer og er sammensat, så alle partier er repræsenteret forholdsmæssigt efter deres størrelse i Inatsisartut. Partierne i Inatsisartut er blevet bedt om at indstille medlemmer til Forfatningskommissionen.

De følgende er udnævnt:

Forkvinde: Vivian Motzfeldt (Siumut)

Næstforkvinde: Ane Hansen (Inuit Ataqatigiit)

Medlemmer: Jess Svane (Siumut), Mimi Karlsen (Inuit Ataqatigiit), Per Rosing-Petersen (Partii Naleraq), Mala Høy Kúko (Atassut)…

Læs hele Naalakkersuisut’s pressemeddelelse her:

Tunngaviusumik inatsisissaq pillugu isumalioqatigiissitaq pilersinneqarpoq

Inatsisartut Naalakkersuisullu tunngaviusumik inatsisissamik suliaqartoqarnissaanik aalajangiisimammatta tunngaviusumik inatsisissaq pillugu isumalioqatigiissitamik pilersitsipput. Kalaallit Nunaata tunngaviusumik inatsisissaata tunngavissaanik suliaqarneq aallartippoq. Aatsaat Kalaallit Nunaanni inuiaat oqartussaaqataanerat aqqutigalugu inatsimmik tunngaviusumik suliaqartoqarnialerpoq.

Isumalioqatigiissitami politikkikkut atituumik aallartitaqarfiunissaa kissaatigalugu isumalioqatigiissitaq katitigaassaaq. Isumalioqatigiissitami ilaasortat arfineq-marluupput, partiillu Inatsisartuni ilaasortaatitai naapertorlugit agguataagaapput. Inatsisartuni partiit isumalioqatigiissitamut ilaasortassanik inassuteqaqquneqarput.

Ukulu ilaasortanngortinneqarput:

Siulittaasoq: Vivian Motzfeldt (Siumut)

Siulittaasup tullia: Ane Hansen (Inuit Ataqatigiit)

Ilaasortat: Jess Svane (Siumut), Mimi Karlsen (Inuit Ataqatigiit), Per Rosing-Petersen (Partii Naleraq), Mala Høy Kúko (Atassut)…

Naalakkersuisut nalunaarutaat tamakkiisoq uani atuarsinnaavat:

EU RARE-kkut nalunaarusiaat.

Nunatta namminiilivinnissamini pisariaqartippaa periarfissarititaasut tamaasa isumatusaartumik atorluassallugit – aamma qaqqatsinni pinngoqqaatit qaqutigoortut atorluartariaqarput. Taamaammat una EU-mit nalunaarusiaq assut soqutiginarpoq – ilisimasariaqarlunilu.

Extended abstract

This market report, which is a result of the EURARE project, maps and contextualizes those industrial activities within the EU that are based on producing or consuming rare earth elements (REE). The objective of the report is to provide the context within which the products of EURARE-funded research are to be considered, and to develop a market forecast for the European REE-industry…”

Aajuna nalunaarusiaq tamakkiisoq: 07-04-2017-road-map-for-ree-material-supply-autonomy-in-europe